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South Essex Homes Limited
is the Arms Length Management Organisation of
Southend on Sea Borough Council

Registered in England and Wales
Registered Office:
Cheviot House,
70 Baxter Avenue,
Southend on Sea,
Essex SS2 6HZ

Registration Number:

VAT Registration No:
864 0939 01

Tenancy Services

This section provides information on your tenancy and ensuring you keep to the tenancy conditions

In this Section You Will Find:

Conditions of Tenancy

Revised Conditions of Tenancy

The new conditions of tenancy have been adopted as of Monday 18th November. Please refer to the new conditions from now on. If you require further assistance and support about the conditions or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on freephone 0800 833 160.

If you require these in a different language, please contact our Customer Service Team on: 0800 833160.

Audio Version

1- Southend on Sea Tenancy Conditions

2- Introduction

3- Definitions

4- Code of Conduct

5- Paying your rent

6- Changing your rent and other charges / Ending your tenancy / Changing your tenancy / Ending your tenancy

7- Leaving your home

8- People living in your home after your tenancy ends / Your responsibilities / Access / Access in an emergency

9- Taking in lodgers

10- Carrying out alterations or improvements

11- Parking

12- Using your home / Pets

13- Gardens

14- Nuisance, ASB and harassment

15- Pests

16 - Domestic Abuse / Abuse of staff

17 - Overcrowding

18- Sheltered Housing / Adapted properties / Telling us about the people who live with you

19- Leaving your home for more than 30 days

20 - Other property / Getting a tenancy by providing false information / Assignment / Succession and subletting

21- Maintaining and decorating the inside of your home

22- Maintaining the outside of your home

23- Reporting repairs

24- Damage

25- Getting rid of rubbish

26- Blockages/ Shared heating / substances which can catch fire easily / Laundry facilities

27- Insurance

28- Utility Bills & Council Tax

29- Co-operating with us / Providing information and consulting with you/ Information provided by you

30- Appendix 1

31- Appendix 2

32- Appendix 3

33- Appendix 4

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Introductory Tenancies

Introductory Tenancies are different from Secure Tenancies the following information explains the operation of Introductory Tenancies. 

What is an Introductory Tenancy

An Introductory Tenancy will last for 12 months and can be extended by a further 6 months, after which time it will become a Secure Tenancy, unless the Council obtains a Court Order for possession of the dwelling.  Your tenancy agreement will be the same as that for Secure Tenants, but certain rights will not apply to you as an Introductory Tenant.

An Introductory Tenant has fewer legal rights than a Secure Tenant.  The difference between the rights of a Secure Tenant and an Introductory Tenant are set out on in this leaflet.

 More Information

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Mutual Exchange

If you want to swap your council house or flat with someone else’s house or flat, we call this a mutual exchange. You can swap locally with another Southend-on-Sea Borough Council tenant or nationally with other Housing Association or local council tenants. 
You can advertise your home in the following ways;
  • At your local shop

  • In your local newspaper or in the local newspaper of the area you wish to move to.

  • Using the homeswapper scheme. (see below for info)


Further information and application forms can be obtained from Customer Contact Centre at Cheviot House, 70 Baxter Avenue, Southend, SS2 6HZ or call 0800 833 160

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Decoration Allowance

South Essex Homes issues vouchers to assist new tenants with the cost of decorating their property.  please see this leaflet for more information (the leaflet is currently under review and some information may be inaccurate)

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