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South Essex Homes Limited
is the Arms Length Management Organisation of
Southend on Sea Borough Council

Registered in England and Wales
Registered Office:
Civic Centre,
Victoria Avenue,
Southend on Sea,
Essex SS2 6FY

Registration Number:

VAT Registration No:
864 0939 01

Anti Social Behaviour

Here you will Find information on Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and how to report if you are experiencing it

What is Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social Behaviour (ASB) is any kind of nuisance, unreasonable behaviour or harassment which causes alarm or distress to others.  information on the kinds of ASB which may be experienced and what we can do to prevent it can be found below.  in addition you can refer to this leaflet for more information or refer to the Anti Social Behaviour Compact

You can report any ASB you experience or witness via or 24 hour telephone or via text message using the numbers below.  you can also report it online here.

  • Freephone: 0800 833 163 (24 hour)
  • Text: 07769931359 
  • Email:

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What Can We Do To Help

If you are experiencing Anti-Social Behaviour you should tell us or report it to the police, depending how serious it is.

The action we take will depend on the type of issue you are reporting, the powers we have to deal with that issue, and the type of action that you agree we can take. We will give you advice about what we can do to support you, and help you sort out the issues.

Here are some of the things we can do to help:

  • Visit the perpetrator in their home or interview them in the office 
  • Refer your case to mediation or restorative justice community conferencing
  • Advise and assist victims in gathering evidence
  • Issue warnings to the perpetrators
  • Work closely with a range of partners to provide the most appropriate solution
  • Provide the victim with extra security measures
  • Provide victim and witness support throughout the process
  • Consider alternative approaches to preventing Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Consider using all approaches in the enforcement of Anti-Social Behaviour

Any action we take will be with your agreement.

If the behaviour does not breach the tenancy agreement or leasehold conditions and South Essex Homes has no legal power to act, we will give you advice about who else may be able to help you.

We must give the person a reasonable opportunity to discuss the problem, and time to change or stop the behaviour. This helps if we consider legal action at a later stage.

South Essex Homes 24 hour reporting line 0800 833163

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Hate Crime

Hate Crime will not be tolerated in Southend-on-Sea. South Essex Homes is committed to tackling Hate Crime and is working with the Southend Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP)to eliminate Hate Crime in all its forms.

What is Hate Crime

Reporting Hate Crime


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Avoiding Anti-Social Behaviour

The best thing to do is to avoid action that might cause a nuisance to others.

For example:

• Do not carry out loud work at night including repairs
• Talk to your neighbours if you intend having a party
• Do not play your TV, radio hi-fi or musical instruments loudly, especially at night
• Keep your dogs and other pets under control (if applicable)
• Be aware of where your children are playing, who is supervising them and what they are doing
• Talk to your children and visitors if their behaviour is likely to cause a nuisance to other people
• Dispose of rubbish and waste in an appropriate manner

The Golden Rules of Flat Living

Residents of flats are likely to have neighbours living to the side, above or below them. They also share halls, corridors, gardens and other amenities. Residents in flats are therefore more likely to be affected by a neighbour's behaviour and lifestyle than those living in houses.

Because of this communal living, residents of flats have a greater responsibility to ensure that their lifestyles do not unreasonably interfere with other people. There has be a certain amount of give and take, but above all there should still be respect for the neighbours' rights to peaceful enjoyment of their home. Living peacefully with each other people can be achieved if everyone follows some simple rules.

What about family members and visitors?

As a council tenant or leaseholder you are responsible under the terms of your lease or tenancy for the behaviour of your household, visitors and pets. Your tenancy or lease could be placed at risk if these conditions are broken. A copy of your terms and conditions can be obtained from your Tenancy Services Officer, who can also answer any queries you have about your obligations.

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Mediation is an independent, confidential service designed to help people in a dispute to resolve their differences.

Some situations can be resolved by mediation. In that event, we will refer the complaint to an organisation called Positive Solutions if all parties agree.  This service is free and independent. 

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which persons involved in a dispute can be brought together by an independent party to try to resolve differences. The aim is to resolve disputes quickly and effectively with full agreement from all those involved, and without the need for any further action to be taken.

Types of situations that can be referred

Mediation can help you resolve disagreements over noise, boundaries, youth nuisance, parking, pets, rubbish, and shared space and lifestyle differences.

If you would like to resolve a situation through mediation please contact your Neighbourhood Service Officer on 0800 833 160.

South Essex Homes 24 hour anti social behaviour reporting line 0800 833 163.

Further information about multi agency working to resolve neighbour disputes using mediation can be found here.

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Graffiti is a problem world wide and classed as criminal damage and therefore a crime.

 It can be offensive, but by working together we can try and wipe the majority of it out and deal with the offenders. Regulations under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 enable local authorities in England and Wales to issue £80 on-the-spot fines for Graffiti.   
South Essex Homes is committed to removing overtly offensive graffiti from wherever it occurs within 24 hours and 7 days for non-offensive graffiti. South Essex Homes has an anti-graffiti squad, which patrol the area in the company’s mobile graffiti removal unit, steam cleaning graffiti which has been reported by residents and the caretaking team. 

South Essex Homes work with the Police to record and share details of graffiti and "tags" or signatures and will seek damages where Council owned sites are defaced.
How to report it
Contact South Essex Homes on or 0800 833163

Caretaking team on or 01702 214231

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Sanctuary Schemes 

What is the sanctuary scheme?
The purpose of the sanctuary scheme is to help victims of domestic abuse and hate crime. The scheme is aimed at accommodating the needs and circumstances of victims by making it possible for them to remain in their homes if they prefer, rather than being forced to move and dealing with any possible disruption to children’s education, employment and family networks that moving can cause.
Not all sanctuary schemes are the same and there are a range of simple measures that can be taken to make your home more secure, from issuing a mobile telephone or an alarm, or providing a full sanctuary room. This is a room in your home, usually the main bedroom, which is made secure. This can be done in a variety of different ways using a range of security measures tailored to accommodate the needs and circumstances of the individuals involved.
The Police and Fire services will be made aware that Sanctuary measures have been installed in your home, so they will know how best to help you in an emergency situation.
How do I access the Sanctuary Scheme?
If you have been a victim of domestic abuse or hate crime and you are a Southend Borough Council tenant, you may be eligible for the scheme. Access to the Sanctuary Scheme has to meet the following criteria:
  • the Police are involved and there is a crime reference number
  • in the case of domestic abuse the perpetrator no longer lives at the property
  • the tenant wishes to remain in their home and does not want to move.
To find out more about the Sanctuary Scheme please contact:
South Essex Homes Anti-Social Behaviour Team on 0800 833 163 or South Essex Homes Customer Contact
Centre on 0800 833160

Domestic Abuse

 South Essex Homes is committed to providing advice, assistance and to making referrals to support agencies for any victim of domestic abuse.

Members of staff sit on the Southend Domestic Abuse Forum. We actively condemn any act of abuse whether it be verbal, physical or sexual and we do this by including specific sections in our Conditions of Tenancy relating to this and we will take action against any tenant who abuses a member of their household.
If you think you are a victim of domestic abuse we will provide a confidential and supportive service. If you do not feel safe in your home because of domestic abuse we can provide extra security, an alarm or just advice and support. 

We would recommend that you visit the Southend Womens aid website , National Centre for Domestic Violence or support for men) for excellent advice or contact them directly. 
Southend Womens aid have a drop in service or you can telephone  01702 300006 or visit them at 4 West Road, Southend, SS0 9DA.
Please also download the Domestic Abuse Support Leaflet.
You may also find this website useful; whic provides information about teenage relationship abuse.
Additional Resources

Abandoned Cars

To report an abandoned car, please contact 0800 833 160.

The information will be passed to your Tenancy Services Officer to take the appropriate action.

To help speed up the removal process, please give us the following information:

  • Is the vehicle Taxed
  • The exact location of the car
  • The licence number plate
  • Colour and make of the car
  • Condition of the car

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Noise Problems

If you are concerned about the noise levels coming from next door, then often the best way to deal with the problem is to go to the source and talk to the person causing the problem.

Most problems can be solved amicably without the need for further action. You may feel anxious about approaching your neighbour but remember they may be genuinely unaware that they are the source of a problem. When approached, often they will be embarrassed about the nuisance they have been causing and will be more considerate in future. It is important to do this as early as possible before the problem spirals out of control.

Having a quiet word

Before you approach your neighbour, plan what you are going to say. Keep calm and be pleasant and then they are more likely to respond positively to your complaint.

Never approach your neighbour when the noise is actually happening. You are more likely to be angry and have an argument with your neighbour if you do.

In addition to this, if it is late at night and your neighbours are playing music loudly or having a party, they may have been drinking alcohol. If this is the case, they are unlikely to be as receptive to your grievance as they may normally be - they may think you are just trying to spoil their enjoyment.

Be careful

Before you approach your neighbour, it is important to assess the risk to your personal safety and property. If you feel frightened or intimidated by your neighbour and you are worried that they may respond aggressively, then approaching them to complain may not be the best option for you.

If this is the case, then check whether your neighbours are tenants. It is contained within the Conditions of Tenancy that tenants must not cause nuisance to neighbours and your Estate Officer will be able to assist in such cases.

Mediation Services

If you get a negative response from your neighbour and the noise continues, the next step in solving your problem would be to consider mediation. Your Estate Officer will be able to make the appropriate referral, please click here for more information or contact us on 0800 833 160 or via our 24 hour Anti Social Behaviour reporting line 0800 833 163.

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Think' - Interactive Youth Project


South Essex Homes have worked in partnership with Fury design to develop the exciting new ‘Think’ game

 ‘Think’ is an interactive youth & community engagement project  developed to address and reduce Anti Social Behaviour and community specific issues, such as worklessness, health and social responsibilities even town planning!Think Launch

 Working with carefully selected 'workshop' groups (young and old alike) from the community the project development puts the individuals within the 'workshop' groups at the very heart of the project itself. Working to a schedule of development targeted at the design and construction of an interactive video game / information provider, we are able to engage the people at the very centre of the issues to be addressed.

 Whether hate crime, knife crime, worklessness or drug and alcohol abuse - each and every element can be discussed, addressed and an appropriate response or solution agreed upon, within the safety of a structured and managed community based project, with the ultimate objective of promoting greater pride and a sense of ownership and well being within the community.

After South Essex Homes introduced 'Think' into the communities of Southend and Shoeburyness in Essex,  Anti Social Behaviour statistics in the area from 01/04/2010 - 24/10/2010 (compared to the same period last year) showed there had been 101 less victims of ASB within this period which is a reduction of 14%. There had also been a reduction in calls reporting ASB which amounts to a reduction of 80 less calls which is a reduction of 9%.}

- Ref; Essex Police 

Anti Social Behaviour calls to police in Southend and Shoeburyness are 18% less in 09/10 from 08/09 as taken from Youth Offending Services current study on Anti Social Behaviour, after 'Think' was introduced.

If you would like to know more about Think and how it can help strengthen engagement in your community or would like a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Lander, Service Improvement Manager at South Essex Homes on Freephone 0800 833 160, Ben Weston at Fury Design Consultants on 01702 352 211 or visit

Community Safety Initiatives/ Projects 

Information about Community Safety Projects.

Priory Park Play areaResidents can approach their Tenancy Services Officer to discuss funding for ‘design out crime’ and community safety initiatives in their area.  Once an initial initiative or idea has been received, consultation will be carried out with the community to obtain their support of the project.

Such initiatives can include but is not restricted to;


  • Defensive planting,
  • Additional lighting
  • Additional locks / security .

For more information about community safety initiatives please contact the Tenancy Services Team on 0800 833 163

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Southend Multi Agency Anti Social Behaviour Response Team.

Southend Crime Disorder Reduction Partnership is committed to tackling anti social behaviour and have a dedicated response team called SMAART based within the Community Safety Team.  SMAART comprises of officers from South Essex Homes, Southend Police and Southend Borough Council.

 SMAART Mission Statement

 ‘Working together to reduce crime, disorder and anti social behaviour,

and to improve safety for everyone living, working or visiting Southend’.

Who are SMAART?

Front Row Lauren and Anita
Back Row Roger and Mark
Anita McGinley  - ASB Partnership Manager seconded from South Essex Homes
Roger Robinson   - ASB Partnership Officer seconded from South Essex Homes
Mark Goodchild  - Police Constable seconded from Essex Police
Lauren Goodge  - ASB Caseworker from Southend Borough Council 

How to Contact SMAART

You can contact SMAART in the following ways:
Telephone  -  01702 423504
If your complaint is of a criminal nature you should contact Essex Police on 0300 333 4444
Or in an emergency dial 999

Southend CDRP

The Southend Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP) is a muti-agency team which works together with the objective of making southend safer - for more information visit the Southend CDRP Website

Anti Social Behaviour Policies

This page lists the ASB Policies for South Essex Homes.

Simply click on the title to download the policies.

Anti Social Behaviour Policy

Domestic Abuse Policy

Hate Harassment Policy

Racial Harassment Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Threatening Behaviour to Staff

South Essex Homes are committed to ensuring that all members of our
workforce are able to carry out their work in a safe and civil environment.
As an organisation we will not tolerate any demeaning, derogatory, abusive,
aggressive, threatening or intimidating behaviour toward our personnel,
tenants or anyone at our premises.
We deem this sort of behaviour totally unacceptable and anybody that
behaves in this way and if the person being abusive is at any of our office
sites they will not be served by us and will be asked to stop their behaviour
immediately or leave our premises.
Our policy is one of zero tolerance and a single act of unacceptable behaviour
will trigger sanctions which include but are not restricted to:
  • Removal from our premises.
  • Banning from all South Essex Homes and Southend Borough Council premises.
  • Obtaining of injunction/Antisocial behaviour order.
  • Instigation of possession action which could lead to eviction.
  • Reporting to Police and other authorities as appropriate.
  • Prosecution of individuals.
Our commitment is to the health and safety of our workforce, tenants and others at our premises. We consider all persons to be strictly liable for their actions and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour under any circumstances.

Demoted Tenancies

South Essex Homes on behalf of Southend on Sea Borough Council has agreed to adopt demoted tenancies,  as a means to combat anti social behaviour. Stock

This remedy is in addition to a number of other remedies available to South Essex Homes for tenants who are acting in an anti social manner and are causing a nuisance. 

What is a demoted tenancy?

  • Where a secure tenancy has been demoted and the tenant will have fewer rights.
  • It will be the decision of a County Court Judge.

What does this mean for Tenants who are being anti social?

  • A notice will be served advising that a Demoted Order could be applied for.
  • If the nuisance continues South Essex Homes will apply to the court for a hearing.
  • If the Judge agrees to award a Demoted Order this will last for a minimum of twelve months.
  • Demoted tenants will have fewer legal rights than a Secure Tenant, such as they cannot apply to buy their council property and they cannot transfer. 
  • The right to buy discount period will cease the day the tenancy is demoted.
  • If any of the Tenancy Conditions are breached a Possession Order can be applied for and the Demoted Tenancy ended, which will result in the tenant having to give up their home.
  • If the tenant has been evicted for nuisance they will not be re-housed by the Council for at least five years.

What Next?

  • Officers from the Tenancy Services Team will be liaising with Essex Police, Southend Youth Offending Service, Environmental Health Section, Essex Probation Service and most importantly the residents.
  •  We will be collating evidence against those tenants who are causing nuisance in and around the estates and we will be preparing notices to be served on those tenants.

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Good Neighbour Agreements

South Essex Homes have adopted Good Neighbourhood Agreement and will roll these out across the borough.

Reading MagazineThese Agreements can be individual agreements specific to an area such as an estate, or a block or a street.  They should cover the responsibilities of the Landlord and their managing agent (South Essex Homes) and those residents (including private owners and housing association tenants), businesses who live and operate within that specific area. 

The Agreement should also promote shared standards of behaviour. Good Neighbour Agreements can include the police, Tenancy services, your local shop keepers.

A menu of suggested standards can be provided if you are interested in setting up a Good Neighbour Agreement for your area and this can be obtained from your Tenancy Services Team on 0800 833 160 or e-mail

Additional Resources

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