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Food Culture Project

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We are looking for residents to become ‘Food Champions’ and help us to deliver key messages to other people in the local community on behalf of The Southend Food Culture Project.

Food Champions will be given training, mentoring, help with promotion and, in some cases, a small budget.  They will be in control of the kinds of activities they lead on with residents, and they refine this as they develop their confidence and knowledge of what people respond to best. 

The Food Champions gain new skills, confidence and make new social contacts.  They can get a reference and are able to get closer to work and new skills opportunities. 

In summary, some of the activities or issues that Food Champions might focus on or develop are as follows:
  • Informal advice on healthy eating, cooking and shopping locally
  • Reading and understanding food labels, fats and sugar information on packaging
  • Practical cooking sessions
  • Dispelling myths and misconceptions on nutritional messages
  • Signposting to other food related activity such as community growing, cooperatives etc.
  • Hosting and organising community meals (share cooking knowledge, cook together to create a mutual support network)
  • Feedback to the Southend Food Culture Project team on new ideas, opportunities and issues

For more information on becoming a Food Champion in a programme that will begin in late 2014 or early 2015, please contact Giles Tofield at or 07765 242241.  Alternatively you can speak to the Community Development Team at South Essex Homes on 01702 212650.