Ways to get involved

Since 2012, the Leasehold Focus Group has had great success in developing the service South Essex Homes provides to its Leaseholders.

Its key aims are:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Improve communication and the provision of information
  • Improve Value for Money

To date, its key successes have been:

  • Introducing Leasehold events
  • Promoting leasehold participation within South Essex Homes
  • Developing and assisting with Leasehold Matters - the page in Insight devoted to Leasehold news


If you are interested in joining the Focus Group, raising agenda items or submitting an article in Insight please contact 0800 833 160 or email

The most recent Leasehold Focus Group Minutes can be downloaded here:

Leasehold Focus Group 04/12/18

Leasehold Focus Group 05/06/18

Leasehold Focus Group 17/04/18


To view the date of the next meeting please click here

The Group welcomes new members! 


In addition to the Leasehold Focus Group, there are several other ways that you could get involved with South Essex Homes, including: