Cleaning, Caretaking and Ground Maintenance


Caretaking and Cleaning

There are teams of mobile caretakers working Monday to Friday, cleaning communal areas to set standards agreed by the Estate Services Focus Group.  They also change light bulbs when required, report damage and repairs and report anti-social behaviour such as illegal dumping. 

The caretakers work on a rota basis to cover tower blocks on Saturday and Sunday mornings to make sure the lifts and foyer areas are clean, refuse bins changed and any bulk refuse cleared. 

There is also a dedicated team that clears illegally dumped items and graffiti within agreed deadlines.

Dedicated cleaners work at Sheltered Housing Schemes to make sure the communal areas are kept to the standards agreed by the Estate Services Focus Group.



Grounds Maintenance 

The Grounds Maintenance Service is delivered by Southend Borough Council.  Their contract mainly focuses on grass cutting and pruning of scrubs and trees.

While grass cuttings are not collected, all pathways are swept or blown clear of grass cuttings when the grass is cut.   Shrubs and trees are maintained / trimmed and shaped when necessary to ensure they remain within the shrub beds and do not encroach over footpaths or windows.   



Estate Walkabouts 

An Estate Walkabout is an inspection of the condition of all our properties, internal and external, whether it is in a tower block, low rise flats, or individual houses. 

The Block/Estate Walkabouts give a grading on the standard/quality of the service provided. All elements of inspection are scored 1 – 4 then scores are combined to produce an average figure.



  • Level A (scoring of 3.8 - 4.0) - Excellent
  • Level B (scoring of 2.8 - 3.7) – Satisfactory
  • Level C (scoring of 2.0 - 2.7) – In need of attention
  • Level D (scoring of 1.9 - 0) – Service Failure