South Essex Property Services

South Essex Property Services is a wholly-owned commercial subsidiary of South Essex Homes and Southend Borough Council, set up to offer highly specialist services.

At present, we operate a number of Guardian schemes, which help to make good use of vacant property. These schemes offer low-cost, flexible residential leases to individuals looking for affordable living, whilst helping to protect empty properties.

We currently manage three schemes but are always looking for short term properties which we can manage on behalf of landlords who require their buildings to be secure and discourage squatters from accessing the premises.

South Essex Property Services is able to manage a property for periods of up to 3 months whilst owners/landlords look at options for the long term viability of their buildings. 

Our company is chaired by George Sutherland and we have one Board member, Catherine Haycock.

If you are interested in discussing any opportunities with us contact :