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CarelineSOS can help you remain independent in your own home from as little as £13.99 a month. 

Anyone, of any age, who would like to feel safer, more protected or independent in their own home would benefit from the CarelineSOS service.

Our home units are ideal for people who are frail, disabled, live alone, suffer from a medical condition, have experienced domestic violence or are concerned about bogus callers.

How does CarelineSOS work?

By pressing the alarm button on the CarelineSOS home unit or remote pendant, you will be connected directly to our monitoring centre, where our team of professionals will respond to your call.

The Home Unit has a sensitive microphone and powerful speaker so that even if you are not close to it, you and the operator can talk to each other.

Our team of highly trained and dedicated operators provide a constant service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and they will know who is calling, where you live and have quick access to the health and personal details you provided when you joined us.

The information includes contact arrangement for friends, relatives, neighbours, doctors, people who give you support, and emergency services.

Even if you are not able to speak to us, we will still assess the situation and make sure you get the appropriate help.  If necessary our operator will stay in touch and offer reassurance and advice until help arrives.

Call us now! 

Call us now on Freephone 0800 833 162 (option 1) or email for a no-obligation chat to discover a CarelineSOS package that is perfect for you! 




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