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How much does CarelineSOS cost? 

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You will be surprised how little the home units cost.  To provide a service that suits everyone's needs we offer different payment options.

Autumn Offer


Subscribe today and you will receive your first month free. Direct debit payments of £13.26 +VAT will commence one month after installation. If the direct debit is cancelled the installation fee of £37.60+VAT is non-refundable.

Rent a Unit

Renting a CarelineSOS unit includes the cost of monitoring and of replacement batteries when needed. The charge for this is currently £13.26 per month + VAT (Monthly rental charge £5.63 + VAT and monthly monitoring £7.63  +VAT).   The weekly charges are for rental £1.30 per week + VAT and monitoring £1.76 per week + VAT)/

There is a one off installation and set up charge of £37.60 + VAT.

Please note that if you are elderly or disabled you may be able to claim exemption from VAT.

Dependent upon your circumstances some people may be able to get financial support for this service.  Check with Adult Social Services on 01702 215000. 

Additional Services

We have introduced a selection of additional products to give our customers even greater peace of mind in their home.  For details of prices for these products, please call us today on 0800 833162 option1 with no obligation to buy!


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