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Governance / Board

We are governed by a Board of Directors, who have overall responsibility for South Essex Homes. 
Our Board of Directors is made up of three local residents, three councillors and five independent members. Our current Board Members are:

  • Roger Eastwood (Independent - Chair of the Board) 
  • Meg Davidson (Councillor - Vice Chair)
  • David McGlone (Councillor)
  • Ron Woodley (Councillor)
  • Rosalind Lane (Resident - Adult & Child Safeguarding Scrutineer)
  • Keith Ducker (Resident)
  • Barbara Lambert (Resident)
  • David Joyce (Independent)
  • Sacha Jevans (Independent)
  • Prof. Michael Oxley (Independent)
  • Chris March (Independent)


Need more information?
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Board Governing Papers
Board Governing Papers can be found in the related downloads section to the left of this page. 


Next Board Meeting
The date of the next Board Meeting is Wednesday 5th December 2018 at the Civic Centre, Southend.

You are now able to download the public Board papers by clicking here.


The Glossary of Acronyms may also be useful. 

Committees' Terms of Reference
Audit and Risk Committee - please click here to download the terms of reference.
New Business Committee - please click here to download the terms of reference
Personnel & Remuneration Committee - please click here to download the terms of reference.

Residents - Voice your View
Each Board meeting provides an opportunity for Residents to voice their view. If a Resident has a question that they would like the Board to respond to, they should write to or phone Beverley Gallacher, Corporate Services Manager, on 01702 212649, or email any question one week prior to the Board Meeting to beverleygallacher@seh.southend.gov.uk  The actual response will be brought to the Board meeting and responded to in the open session. 

Any issues raised in this way are published on this website, along with a summary of our response, which you can view by clicking here.