Tenancy Conditions

Tenancy Conditions

Tenancy Conditions (PDF)

Size: 728.27 KB

Direct Debit mandate form

Please complete this form to apply to pay your rent by Direct Debit

Direct Debit Mandate Form (PDF)

Size: 90.84 KB

Pet Contract

Pet Contract - to be completed by tenants and permission granted by South Essex Homes prior to obtaining a pet

Pet Contract (DOCX)

Size: 21.37 KB

Guidance for the Private Purchase of Mobility Scooters

Mobility Scooter Guidance

Mobility Scooter Guidance (PDF)

Size: 307.46 KB

Right to Buy information

Information regarding tenants' right to buy their council homes

Safeguarding Children Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy (PDF)

Size: 279.74 KB

Safeguarding Adults Policy

Safeguarding Adults Policy

Safeguarding Adults Policy (PDF)

Size: 173.73 KB

Garage waiting list application

Garages application form (DOC)

Size: 32.5 KB

South Essex Homes Home Contents Insurance

Printable fact sheet

Mutual Exchange Form

Mutual exchange application form (PDF)

Size: 101.7 KB

Standing Order Form

Standing Order Form (PDF)

Size: 107.25 KB

Leasehold Handbook

Leasehold Handbook (PDF)

Size: 342.43 KB

Asbestos fact sheet

Asbestos printable fact sheet (PDF)

Size: 285.17 KB

Subletting Notification Form

Subletting Notification Form (DOCX)

Size: 16.32 KB

Building Insurance Policy

Housing Insurance Schedule (PDF)

Size: 479.28 KB

Summary Sheet (PDF)

Size: 596.35 KB

Local Authority Leaseholders Policy (PDF)

Size: 414.16 KB

Major Works and the Section 20 Process

Leasehold Property Enquiry Form

Leasehold Property Enquiry Form (PDF)

Size: 299.5 KB

Occupancy Notification Form

Occupancy Notification Form (DOCX)

Size: 45.69 KB

Fire Risk Assessments

Barringtons (PDF)

Size: 805.82 KB

Beaver Tower (DOC)

Size: 930 KB

Bewley Court (DOC)

Size: 718.5 KB

Blackdown (DOC)

Size: 687 KB

Brecon (DOC)

Size: 687 KB

Cecil Court (DOC)

Size: 684.5 KB

Chiltern (DOC)

Size: 695 KB

Longbow (DOC)

Size: 741 KB

Nicholson House (PDF)

Size: 1.13 MB

Pennine (DOC)

Size: 695 KB

Quantock (DOC)

Size: 719.5 KB

Riverstone (PDF)

Size: 1010.85 KB

Sutton Court (DOC)

Size: 679.5 KB

Temple Court (DOC)

Size: 680 KB

Contents Insurance Application

Data Protection - Privacy Notice (PDF)

Size: 735.96 KB

Online application form (PDF)

Size: 639.8 KB

Leasehold Events 2019

Leasehold Events 2019 (PDF)

Size: 161.82 KB

Leasehold Focus Group minutes 15.10.19

Pet Policy

Pet Policy (PDF)

Size: 145.42 KB

Malvern Type 4 FRA

Type 4 Fire Risk Assessment (PDF)

Size: 815.39 KB

Malvern Action Plan (XLSX)

Size: 16.86 KB

Grampian Type 4 FRA

Type 4 Fire Risk Assessment (PDF)

Size: 1006.91 KB

Grampian Action Plan (XLSX)

Size: 15.6 KB

Anti Social Behaviour documents

ASB Policy (PDF)

Size: 126.11 KB

ASB Procedure (PDF)

Size: 185.27 KB