Estate Walkabout Schedule

The schedule for estate inspections.

Estate Walkabout Schedule - Autumn 2018 (PDF)

Size: 158.1 KB

Estate Walkabout Schedule 2017 (PDF)

Size: 386.34 KB

Estate Walkabout Schedule 2016 (PDF)

Size: 281.11 KB

Estate Walkabout Schedule 2015 (PDF)

Size: 355.89 KB

Estate Walkabout Schedule 2014 (PDF)

Size: 561.75 KB

Focus Group minutes

Most recent set of minutes from each of South Essex Homes' focus groups

Caretaking Photobook

Garden in Bloom

Garden in Bloom form 2016 (PDF)

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iLearn courses

Accounting (PDF)

Size: 430.76 KB

Childcare (PDF)

Size: 431.5 KB

Forklift (PDF)

Size: 390.41 KB

Health & Social Care (PDF)

Size: 438.87 KB

Hospitality (PDF)

Size: 434.07 KB

Office Skills (PDF)

Size: 431.01 KB

Security (PDF)

Size: 477.17 KB

Prepare for work (PDF)

Size: 423.12 KB

Estate Inspection Results 2018 onwards

Cheddar Avenue (PDF)

Size: 100.96 KB

Martock Avenue (PDF)

Size: 101.88 KB

Treelawn Drive (PDF)

Size: 101.83 KB

Cecil Court (PDF)

Size: 161.35 KB

Hardwick Court (PDF)

Size: 100.96 KB

Lakenham House (PDF)

Size: 108.85 KB

Carolines Close (PDF)

Size: 165.99 KB

Alton Gardens (PDF)

Size: 108.91 KB

Yantlet (PDF)

Size: 234.03 KB

Hornby Avenue (PDF)

Size: 163.86 KB

Purley Way (PDF)

Size: 162.48 KB

Townfields (DOCX)

Size: 51.47 KB

Barringtons 081118 (DOCX)

Size: 56.43 KB

Nicholson House 081118 (DOCX)

Size: 54.57 KB

St Marys Court 141118 (DOCX)

Size: 51.47 KB

East St Southend 080319 (PDF)

Size: 109.62 KB

East St Naval 080319 (PDF)

Size: 110.48 KB

Sutton Road 080319 (PDF)

Size: 109.45 KB

Yantlet Estate Inspection

Yantlet Estate Inspection 03/10/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 52.45 KB

Cheddar Avenue Estate Inspection

Cheddar Avenue 17/10/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 51.14 KB

Alton Gardens Estate Inspection

Alton Gardens 25/10/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 61.95 KB

Bruton Ave Estate Inspection

Bruton Avenue 11/10/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 51.14 KB

Cecil Court Estate Inspection

Cecil Court 24/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.61 KB

Danbury Close Estate Inspection

Danbury Close 18/10/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 51.25 KB

Dunster Avenue Estate Inspection

Dunster Avenue 11/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.23 KB

Hardwick Court Estate Inspection

Hardwick Court 24/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.26 KB

Hunters Lodge Estate Inspection

Hunters Lodge 26/9/19 (DOCX)

Size: 52.47 KB

Lakenham House Estate Inspection

Lakenham House 25/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 61.96 KB

Mendip Crescent Estate Inspection

Mendip Crescent 10/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.26 KB

Mendip Road Estate Inspection

Mendip Road 10/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.25 KB

Nicholson House Estate Inspection

Nicholson House 7/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 58.73 KB

Norfolk Ave Estate Inspection

Norfolk Avenue 26/9/19 (DOCX)

Size: 52.46 KB

St Marys Court Estate Inspection

St Mary's Court 04/04/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.75 KB

Townsfield Estate Inspection

Townsfield 06/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 58.85 KB

Trafford House Estate Inspection

Trafford House 26/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 52.59 KB

Lundy Close Estate Inspection

Lundy Close 08/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 62.28 KB

Western Approaches Estate Inspection

Western Approaches 08/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 62.34 KB

Neil Armstrong Way Estate Inspection

Neil Amstrong Way 08/11/19 (DOCX)

Size: 62.13 KB

East Street Leigh Estate Inspection

East Street Leigh 18/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 51.22 KB

Eaton Road Estate Inspection

Eaton Road 18/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 50.23 KB

Senier House Estate Inspection

Senier House 18/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 52.17 KB

Bradford Bury Estate Inspection

Bradfordbury 13/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 53.39 KB

Rothwell Estate Inspection

Rothwell 13/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 53.39 KB

Westwood Estate Inspection

Westwood 27/11/2019 (DOCX)

Size: 53.39 KB

Eastwood Old Road Estate Inspection

Eastwood Old Road 13/09/19 (DOCX)

Size: 53.39 KB

Beaver Tower Estate Inspection

Beaver Tower 18/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 54.88 KB

Snakes Lane Estate Inspection

Snakes Lane 03/10/19 (DOCX)

Size: 54.45 KB

SBC Coronavirus leaflet

Coronavirus flyer March 2020 (PDF)

Size: 817.39 KB

Estate Inspection Results 2021

Dane Street (DOCX)

Size: 44.89 KB

Cleveland Drive (DOCX)

Size: 50.54 KB

Norfolk Avenue (DOCX)

Size: 50.46 KB

Cunningham Close (DOCX)

Size: 49.33 KB

Fraser Close (DOCX)

Size: 49.32 KB

Kingfisher Close (DOCX)

Size: 49.29 KB

Sandpiper Close (DOCX)

Size: 52.97 KB

1-6 Lakenham House (DOCX)

Size: 60.78 KB

7-12 Lakenham House (DOCX)

Size: 60.76 KB

14-19 Lakenham House (DOCX)

Size: 60.77 KB

29-31 Carolines Close (DOCX)

Size: 60.85 KB

Cedar Close (DOCX)

Size: 47.03 KB

Chiltern (DOCX)

Size: 47.47 KB

Malvern (DOCX)

Size: 47.46 KB

Maple Square (DOCX)

Size: 47.02 KB

Nayland House (DOCX)

Size: 60.68 KB

Pennine (DOCX)

Size: 47.52 KB

Quantock (DOCX)

Size: 47.2 KB

Wordsworth Close (DOCX)

Size: 47.05 KB

Fairfax Drive Blocks 193-211 (DOCX)

Size: 50.28 KB

Bradfordbury, Rothwell Close, Eastwood Old Road and Westwood (DOC)

Size: 61.5 KB

Beaver Tower (DOC)

Size: 37 KB

Furzefield (DOC)

Size: 34 KB

Nestuda House (DOC)

Size: 34.5 KB

Shannon Close (DOC)

Size: 39 KB

Woodfarm Close (DOC)

Size: 32.5 KB

George Street (DOCX)

Size: 44.99 KB

John Street (DOCX)

Size: 44.97 KB

Adam Elm (DOCX)

Size: 50.48 KB