Ways to Get Involved

Residents' Associations

Here in Southend we are fortunate to have a thriving network of residents’ associations who look out for the interests of their local communities.

In order for these associations to continue to understand their neighbourhoods and represent everyone within them, it is important that the associations consist of a cross section of the community. It is unfortunately all too easy for these associations to become stale and lose touch with other residents, which is why it is important to keep membership fresh and vibrant to ensure a steady flow of new ideas and opinions.

Perhaps there is already a residents’ association that covers where you live and you would like to find out more about joining in with their meetings and events? You may have new ideas to bring to the table or you may be able to assist with the organisation of ongoing activities.

Or if an association doesn’t exist for your area, maybe you would like some guidance and help in setting one up?

If you feel inspired to bring your community together then we would love to hear from you. Our Support Services Team consists of experienced officers who would be happy to discuss your ideas and will support you every step of the way.  Call them on 01702 212650 for an informal chat.