Ways to Get Involved

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a market research technique that has been used by top businesses for over fifty years, having first started in the finance sector.  It involves ‘customers’ interacting with an organisation in a made up scenario, making an accurate record of that interaction and reporting back to the company on how they felt the interaction was handled. This allows the company to assess how its staff members deal with customers and potentially make improvements to its practices.

At South Essex Homes, we use ‘mystery shoppers’ to test the way interactions with tenants are handled in situations such as reporting anti social behaviour, caretaking and repairs - to name but a few.

We are looking at how our staff deal with the customer and whether they take the actions they say they will. We follow the scenario through to its conclusion to see if any improvements can be made to our service. We are also looking for examples of good practice to share with other staff members.

We are hoping to recruit some new mystery shoppers to help us improve our service. If you are a resident or leaseholder of South Essex Homes with an interest in our company and would like to be involved in this process, then our Support Services Team would love to hear from you.  Call them on 01702 212650 for an informal chat.