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Digital Deal

The internet can make life easier in ways both big and small - and it can be much simpler than you think! But there are more than 10 million people in the UK still missing out. 

South Essex Homes runs a successful 'Go Digital' project which aims to increase the number of our tenants who have access to the internet.

Since we received Government funding to help Southend tenants to 'get online' in 2013, we have developed several strands of the project which all have the overall aim to encourage digital inclusion.  We want to ensure that everyone has equal opportunities to access the world wide web, by providing our tenants with the equipment and the skills they need.  One of most successful strands of this project is the 'digital leads'.

Digital Leads
photo of SEH digital leads

Digital leads are just ordinary people with little or no prior computer experience; they are now sharing their new found knowledge with the wider community helping others share and find out for themselves the wonders the internet has to offer.

Supported by our partner DEC (Digital Exploration Centre), the digital leads have gone through a training exercise learning new skills and developing their own computer confidence. To date this has included over 600 residents.

The digital leads now have their own network and depend on one another to help others understand how to use common internet tools. They are very busy networking within their own community in the following ways:

  • Hosting drop-in sessions at ASDA in Shoeburyness, offering one to one support and supervision.
  • Attending numerous sheltered schemes delivering presentations and offering support
  • Carrying out drop-in sessions at sheltered schemes
  • Offering advice and support to residents in their own homes
  • Installing new communal PCs in shared spaces for the benefit of all residents

Richard Dewe, one of the digital leads said :”I have enjoyed every moment of being involved in the Digital Housing Hub Project. I have learnt many new skills, meet new people and become part of a evolving community. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved and learn something new at each session. I am currently attending drop in sessions on a regular basis  offering one to one tutorials which have proved to be very popular. I have also recently attended my first ever residents meeting to discuss the project- and am loving every minute” 

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