Selling Your Property

Are you looking to sell your Leasehold property?

Since the start of 2014, the Leasehold Team have been inundated with queries from Leaseholders looking to sell their home.  Selling your home can be an incredibly stressful process and we hope the following information will beneficial to all leaseholders. 


I have accepted an offer and instructed a solicitor, how can South Essex Homes help?

After an offer has been accepted the Purchaser’s Solicitor will normally request a Management Enquiry Pack or have a questionnaire prepared for the landlord to complete.  The pack or questionnaire will request a variety of information which assists potential purchasers.  This normally includes details of the Service Charge, Planned Future Works and other vital information that will be beneficial during and after the sales process.


South Essex Homes uses the Leasehold Property Enquiry 1 Form, a standard questionnaire pack approved by a number of professional organisations. 

The key information includes:

  • The last three years’ Service Charge Statements
  • The last two years’ Statement of Accounts (details of Service Charge Payments) 
  • Copies of Section 20 Notices and other planned works that may be occur in the next 5 years 
  • Copies of Buildings Insurance Policies 
  • Details of Asbestos in communal areas
  • The Communal Fire Risk Assessment


Does the Solicitor have to use this enquiry form?

The Leasehold Property Enquiry Form answers the most common queries that we receive and most Solicitors are happy with this.  If they do have additional questions not included in the pack these can be sent to us.

On some occasions the purchaser Solicitors will have their own questionnaire prepared.  South Essex Homes is more than happy to provide the information required in these instances. 


Will South Essex Homes charge me for this Service?

South Essex Homes currently charges a fee of £98 including VAT for this service.

Cheques can be made payable to South Essex Homes and sent to the address below:

Leasehold Services 
South Essex Homes
Civic Centre
Victoria Avenue
Southend on Sea
Essex, SS2 6FY

Upon receipt of the fee we will endeavour to process the enquiries within 15 working days .



Some Solicitors send their initial enquiries to Southend Borough Council. South Essex Homes compiles the vast majority of information. To save time, enquiries can be sent straight to us!


South Essex Homes have sent a completed pack to my solicitors. The purchasers have raised some additional enquiries, what happens next?

If your Solicitor sends these to us, we will do our very best to provide further clarity on the matter.

As always, if you have any further queries in respect of selling your home please feel free to contact the Leasehold Team on 0800 833 160 or email