Service Charges

When you become a Leaseholder you have a responsibility to pay your share of the costs of maintaining and managing the building.

South Essex Homes, as the managing agent, has a duty to maintain the Council's properties to a good standard.  This means that we have to spend money on keeping them in a good state of repair.  A proportion of everything we spend on your block of flats has to be charged back to you.  Because we maintain several thousand homes we can, and do, obtain competitive quotes on our repairs contracts.  Competitive tendering regulations also ensure that contractors give us value for money.

We will always be fair about service charges, we will explain how they are calculated and you can query any charges with which you do not agree. 

Your service charges are made up of the following costs:


  • Ground rent, currently set at £10 per year;
  • Day to day minor repairs and maintenance of the block of flats;
  • Electricity costs for communal areas;
  • Grounds maintenance for communal gardens and/or areas around your block;
  • Management charge (our costs in managing leasehold flats);
  • Buildings insurance;
  • Caretaking and cleaning services where provided;
  • Entry phone maintenance where applicable;
  • Lift maintenance where applicable;
  • Refuse collection;
  • Contribution to Renewals Fund (click on page tab entitled 'Renewals Fund' for more information)

These costs will be itemised on your service charge invoice. Normally you will get one invoice each year but in some cases, such as when a repair or improvement work has been carried out on your flat you may get a separate invoice. 
For more information about service charges including how costs are apportioned and how to pay your bill please see the Leaseholders’ Handbook