Gas Safety

All property owners, including leaseholders, are legally responsible for ensuring their gas fittings and appliances are safe and in good working order – you are advised to have everything checked annually by a Gas Safe registered installer. 

A major problem caused by defects is carbon monoxide poisoning, which can kill in less than two hours.  It is a gas which has no smell or taste and is quite invisible, killing up to 50 people a year and causing hundreds of injuries. 

If your gas appliance has not been checked for 12 months, it may not only be unsafe but you will also be in breach of your lease.  You must have it inspected and serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered installer, and be able to provide evidence that your gas appliances are in good and safe working order.  You can find a Gas Safe Registered engineer at

What you need to do...

Faulty gas appliances cause around 40 deaths a year - deaths that could be avoided.  As a leaseholder it is your responsibility to have an annual gas safety check carried out on all your gas appliances. 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your gas appliances are safe and regularly serviced
  • It is advised you get your appliances gas serviced every 12 months, which must be undertaken by a Gas Safe Registered Installer - you must also produce the certificate to South Essex Homes
  • If you have any doubts about the safety of gas equipment it should be turned off immediately


Getting your gas appliances checked regularly will...

  • Help to keep you, anyone else who lives with you and your neighbours safe
  • Reduce the risk of your appliances breaking down
  • Make sure your appliances work safely and efficiently
  • Help to reduce the running costs of appliances
  • Give you peace of mind

If you haven’t provided a Gas Safety Certificate to South Essex Homes in the last 12 months you will be in breach of your lease.

Please send a copy of the latest certificate to: Leasehold Services, South Essex Homes, PO Box 5817, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS1 9EL.

Alternatively you can scan the certificate and email it to us at

What to do if you smell gas

If you smell gas or suspect you have a gas leak in your home, however slight, you should contact TRANSCO emergency on free phone 0800 111 999.



× Smoke or strike any matches
× Turn electrical switches on or off as they cause sparks
× Use any phone at your home to report the gas leak



  • Put out any naked flames
  • Open any doors and windows
  • Keep people away from the area affected
  • Turn off the meter at the control valve