Repairs and Maintenance

Loss of heating

Heating Repairs


Before reporting a repair on your heating, there are a number of things you can check to try and resolve the matter yourself. Please test the following:

  • Is the boiler turned on?
  • Do you have any power?
  • Turn up the room thermostat
  • Is there credit on the electric and gas meter?
  • If you have a gas card meter check 'display' on meter
  • If you have run out of gas recently and then topped up, please try turning your boiler on, off then back on again
  • The stopcocks are fully open (water supply) this may be worth checking if you have recently had any works carried out to water or heating.

If your gas heating has broken down, please report the repair online or contact us. Break down repairs on gas heating are undertaken by Aaron Services on behalf of South Essex Homes.

If you report a complete heating breakdown during the heating season we always aim to attend within 4 hours and undertake the repair the same day. If it is not possible to restore the heating the same day, temporary heaters will be provided.

If you have any medical issues which may be affected by loss of heating then please inform us when you report the repair.