Your Tenancy


Here at South Essex Homes we aim to fully support you in your tenancy.

Residents have made it clear that they want to be able to speak to a member of staff who can deal with all of their questions and concerns rather than being passed from department to department.  To make this possible, we have split the Southend-on-Sea Borough Council homes that we manage in to 12 ‘patches’- six in the ‘East Area’ and six in the ‘West Area’.

These neighbourhoods are looked after by a Tenancy Services Officer who are the first point of contact for tenants regarding any tenancy services issues.

We can help tenants deal with things like;

  • If they want to swap their home with another tenant
  • Any changes to their tenancy
  • Problems with ‘lower level’ anti-social behaviour (things like rubbish in communal areas or neighbours' dogs barking in Council owned properties)
  • If they have too many bedrooms in their home and want to move to a smaller property
  • Estate and property inspections
  • Any alterations they want to make to their home
  • If they are starting to get in to arrears with their rent account
  • If they want to terminate their tenancy

If you have any questions about your tenancy you can contact us at any time - your Tenancy Services Officer will be happy to help.