Your Tenancy

Your Tenancy Agreement

If you are a Council Tenant you are required to comply with your tenancy conditions.  These would have been given to you when you signed your tenancy agreement and, by signing the tenancy agreement, you are agreeing to comply with the conditions of the tenancy.  

If you are not a new tenant, you would have received the revised conditions in the post in October 2013, which is when they were last amended.  

As your landlord, the Council has a number of key responsibilities towards you including:

  • Ensuring you are able to enjoy your home in peace
  • Maintaining your home in a fit condition
  • Keeping your home safe
  • Cleaning and caring for the communal areas and environment around your home
  • Consulting you about changes in the management of your home

You, in return, have a number of responsibilities as described in the Tenancy Conditions booklet including:

  • Paying your rent and charges
  • Behaving in a way that is not anti-social or causes a nuisance to your neighbours
  • Showing respect towards other residents and not abusing them or our staff
  • Looking after your home and surrounding area
  • Telling us when repairs are needed and giving access to staff.

For more information, view the Tenancy Conditions. 

If you require these in a different language, please contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 833160.

More information is available about making improvements or alterations to your home.