Cleaning, Caretaking and Ground Maintenance

Caretaking and Cleaning

Caretaking and cleaning staff focus on ensuring shared areas are kept safe from fire hazards and cleaned to nationally agreed standards.  The frequency of visits to your property will be based on the type of building it is, historical data, regular inspections and feedback from residents.

Specific areas will be cleaned as required as opposed to being repeatedly cleaned for the sake of cleaning. This modern system allows us to be cost effective and use the team resources effectively in terms of prioritising fire safety, and carrying out deeper cleans when required.

Caretaking Staff work seven days a week; weekend shifts are generally dedicated to high rise blocks to rotate refuse bins, clean lifts and carry out fire safety block checks.  The Caretakers will also be available during these shifts to complete any urgent tasks that may arise.

We also have a dedicated team removing illegally dumped bulk refuse.


Grounds Maintenance 

The Grounds Maintenance Service is delivered by Southend Borough Council.  Their contract mainly focuses on grass cutting and pruning of shrubs and trees.

While grass cuttings are not collected, all pathways are swept or blown clear of grass cuttings when the grass is cut.   Shrubs and trees are maintained / trimmed and shaped when necessary to ensure they remain within the shrub beds and do not encroach over footpaths or windows.