South Essex Property Services


The South Essex Property Services (SEPS) Board plays an essential role in the development, growth, and sustainability for its parent South Essex Homes by way of its commercial activities.

The SEPS Board brings a wide range of expertise and skills to assist the overall performance, planning and delivery of our commercial business.

The main role of the Board is to direct the affairs of the Company in accordance with its objectives, i.e. to determine strategic direction and policies.

The Board consists of 5 members. Board members are elected for a three-year term, after which they must retire and seek re-election, up to a maximum of 9 years in total.

The Board is currently made up of 1 Council nominated member, 3 independent people, one being the Chair of the Board and 1 Executive Director and are responsible for

  • Defining and ensuring compliance with all the Company’s values and objectives
  • Establishing strategies, policies and plans to achieve those objectives
  • Approving each year’s budget and accounts prior to publication
  • Establishing and monitoring a framework of delegation and financial regulations
  • Agreeing policies and making decisions on all matters that might create significant financial or other risk which raise material issues of principle
  • Accepting and fulfilling the detailed statement of Board members responsibilities as contained within the Code of Governance
  • Monitoring performance in all key areas on an exception basis
  • Satisfying itself that the Company affairs are conducted lawfully and in accordance with generally accepted standards of performance, conduct and priority
  • The Board delegates its main functions in accordance with Terms of Reference approved by the Board for each of its Committees
  • To establish excellent relationships with other Board Directors, management teams, employees and customers.
  • To act impartially and objectively and not to act as a “delegate” or “representative” of particular interests.

Articles of Association - Please click here to download.

Code of Governance - Please click here to download.